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梓揚科技成立之初以專業的團隊,秉持著「用心人才、永續經營」的理念,致力於最優質的遊戲開發與經營。"梓"、"揚"兩個字,傳遞的公司精神的 - [聚集人才,讓遊戲成為昇華人心的娛樂產業 ]。公司希望透過遊戲的娛樂/社交/模擬,將休閒娛樂與昇華人心帶給玩家, 提供玩家最尊榮與有用的遊戲體驗。除了台灣,同時公司也開始籌備拓展全球的遊戲領域,將我們的產品帶向五大洲各角落, 讓梓揚成為首屈一指的線上遊戲公司。

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About Ziyang

Let games become a sublimated entertainment industry

At the beginning of establishment, We Ziyang Technology was committed to the development and management of the highest quality games with a professional team and the concept of "Talented Talents, Sustainable Management". The words "梓" and "揚" convey the spirit of the company [ Gathering talents and making games a sublimated entertainment industry ]. The company hopes to bring leisure entertainment and sublimation to players through the entertainment/socialization/simulation of games, and provide players with the most honorable and useful gaming experience. In addition to Taiwan, the company is also preparing to expand the global game field, bringing our products to all corners of the five continents, making Ziyang a leading online game company.

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Our Games

Coming in 2021 mid

LuckyLucky Casino

Caribbean Poke Winner

Lucky Dragon Palace

Mahjong Kingdom

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Thank you for your interest in ZIYANG Technology CO., LTD.. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.


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